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Pope's plea for prayers in May

As the Church marks the Marian month of May and prepares for the upcoming World Meeting of Families in late June, Pope Francis is urging Catholics to pray for young people and their response to God’s call to holiness.

The Pope has released his monthly prayer intention in a video prepared by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. You can view the Holy Father’s video message here -

He held up the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a model for Christian family life.

“When I think of a model with whom young people can identify, our Mother, Mary, always comes to mind: her courage, the way she knew how to listen, and her dedication to service.”

Pope Francis lauded Mary’s courageous and determined “yes” to the Lord, and called on young Catholics to imitate her readiness to improve the world.

He said young people must learn to take risks, in order to “build something new, a better world.”

“Don’t forget that in order to follow Mary you need to discern and discover what Jesus wants from you, not what you might think you can do,” said the Pope.

Grandparents, he added, can provide an excellent source of wisdom as we seek to discern God’s will for our lives.

“In those words of grandparents, you will find a wisdom that will take you beyond the issues of the moment,” he said.

Pope Francis ended his video message by inviting everyone to pray for young people as they make their way through life.

“Let us pray, brothers and sisters, that all young people, called to live life to the fullest, may discover in Mary’s life the way to listen, the depth of discernment, the courage of faith, and dedication to service.”