Parish Name: Saint Barnabas

Postal Address

51 Edenwood St


  Post Code: G31 5LG
  Tel: 0141 778 9869
  Parish Email:

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  Parish Priest: Rev. Desmond  Agomuoh SMMM  Administrator
    Rev. Vincent Livinus SMMM

  ST BARNABAS' CHURCH  Darleith Street G32 7HZ 
  Sunday Masses: Vigil: 6.00pm


Morning: 9.00am
  Weekday Mass: Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30am
  Holy Day of Obligation:

Vigil: 7.00pm

  Confessions: Saturday evening before Vigil-Mass
   St MARK'S CHURCH  Muiryfauld Drive G31 5LD
  Sunday Mass: 11.00am


  Weekday Mass: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.30am
  Holy Day of Obligation: 9.30am

Friday morning after Mass

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