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Archbishop Nolan has received the pallium from Pope Francis at a Mass  in Rome for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul in Rome. The pallium – a small band of white woven from the wool of lambs blessed on the feast of St Agnes – is worn by Metropolitan Archbishops as a sign of their authority and their bond to the Holy Father.

More than 40 new archbishops from around the world received the pallium from the Holy Father. It will be placed over the shoulders of the new Archbishop by the Papal Nuncio later this year.

In his homily the Pope urged the new Archbishops to show mercy and care for their people. He posed two questions for modern Christians. First, he said, we must ask “What can I do for the Church?” He warned against complaining about the Church and invited lay people to participate in the Church’s work with passion and humility. This, he said, “is what a synodal Church means: everyone has a part to play, no individual in the place of others or above others.”

Then, “What can we do together, as Church, to make the world in which we live more humane, just, and solidary, more open to God and to fraternity among men?”

This does not mean – the Pope said - retreating into “ecclesial circles,” trapped in fruitless debates, or living nostalgically, but instead, “helping one another to be leaven in the dough of the world.”

“In a word, we are called to be a Church that promotes the culture of care and compassion towards the vulnerable.”

The Church, he said, is called to “fight all forms of corruption and decay… so that in the life of every people the joy of the Gospel may shine forth.” This, he said, is our “good fight.”

In the light of recent public debate on the subject of abortion, Scotland’s Catholic Bishops offer this perspective to the people of Scotland:

“Whether we believe in anything spiritual or not, the life that each one of us lives is the only one we have, and to take life from the unborn, no matter how insignificant in size, cannot be right. The rights of a woman and the compassion and support due to her, and the circumstances of her pregnancy, are naturally of great concern to us, but an unborn life, once taken, can never be restored. This is what makes abortion such a profoundly important matter for all human beings.

“No matter what position we take, this belief in the profound importance of the issue is shared by us all. It is incumbent on us therefore to accept that deeply held and divergent opinions are at stake and that the conflict which arises from this should be handled with respect and civility.

“Those who do not believe human life begins at the moment of conception, invite the question: ‘when does it begin?’ while those who believe that it does, ask the question: ‘what right have we to take a unique and unrepeatable human life?’

“If we are to be the caring and compassionate society we aspire to be, upholding the sanctity and dignity of all human life must be the foundational principal upon which that aspiration rests.”

Archbishop Nolan has now received the final report of the Archdiocesan synod process which is the fruit of many hours of dialogue and contributions from schools, parishes and individuals.

The photo shows Frankie MacDonald and Fr John Campbell (who co-ordinated the Synod process in the Archdiocese) handing over the report.

Picture: Paul McSherry

You can read the full text below:

The June edition of Flourish is in parishes now. Lots of news and features … and it’s all free!

Take one home this weekend and maybe deliver a copy to a friend or relative who can’t get out to Mass?

Archbishop Nolan recently made the following appointments and is grateful to those involved for their readiness to accept a new office.

Archbishop Nolan has spoken out against injustices and violence in the Holy Land after a visit to the area. The Archbishop was part of a delegation of European bishops who met local people, religious and political leaders during their week-long mission.

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