The Cathedral Chapter (Restored 13th January 1884)
Statutes Revised January 2005

The Cathedral Chapter was restored with twelve canonries which the Holy See increased to fourteen. These are the Canons de Numero. The January 2005 revision of the Chapter Statutes linked the possession of a number of these Canonries ex officio with the Office of Dean (or Vicar Forane) and with the office of Administrator of Saint Andrew's Cathedral. The other four Canonries are assigned by the Archbishop in consultation with the Chapter. In addition there are Canons supernumerary whether Emeriti or Honorary who are not members of the Chapter, but are accorded the status of such.


V Rev Peter Gallacher VF

Canons de Numero

V Rev Mgr Hugh Bradley VG

V Rev Gerard Tartaglia VF

V Rev Peter McBride VF

V Rev Gerard Conroy (Canon Theologian)

V Rev Robert Hill VF

V Rev John McGrorry VF

V Rev Andrew McKenzie VF

V Rev Anthony Gallagher VF

V Rev Gerald Sharkey

V Rev David Wallace

V Rev Thomas White


Canons Supernumerary - Emeriti

Rt Rev Mgr John Gilmartin VF

V Rev Patrick J Kelly

Rt Rev Mgr Patrick Osborne

V Rev George Bradburn


Canons Supernumerary - Honorary

V Rev Thomas Hendry

V Rev Joseph McAuley

V Rev Henry McKay

V Rev William McGinley

V Rev Paul Gargaro

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